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About my blog:

After hearing some of my stories, my wife has often said to me; “Honey, you should put that into a book! People would love to read it!!” Well that’s sort of what I’m going to do with this blog – put into writing some of the funny and not so funny experiences I’ve had in 44 years of flying! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing about it.

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Captain Curmudgeon?

It is reasonable to say that in any service industry there is going to be a growing part of the work force that are in their 60’s and beyond! With that comes a bit of a crusty edge from years of work from some of these co-workers. As I have aged into the 60’s+ realm,…

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My Flying Story

When people find out that I fly airplanes for a living, I usually get asked “Hey Mike, how’d you get started in flying?” Read on and I will be glad to share my flying story with you! I’ll never forget back in 1978, I had just graduated High School and my parents had taken me…

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Independence Day Flying!

One of the “gives and takes” that comes with flying as a career, is the fact that one must part with the concept of having holidays and weekends off! So begins this reflection on what it’s like as a pilot to work in this industry during those times! This weekend we are celebrating the July…

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Passenger Tales

(Did I Even Have To Ask?) I’ve often wondered how seemingly intelligent rational people become completely lost and confused the moment they walk into an airport. I get that they don’t live at the airport like a lot of us do, so I suppose it’s like going to the local grocery store and asking the…

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Passengers? Passengers!!

I remind myself often times that the reason I can do what I do for a living is because of who is sitting just a few feet behind me. That’s right, it’s the folks who buy the tickets that help me pay my mortgage and huge health insurance costs! If it weren’t for them I…

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Captain Leadership

I have been asked “Hey Mike, what makes a good airline (or airplane) Captain?” To unbiasedly answer that question, I’ve decided to ask several pilots who I admire and respect what their thoughts are on this topic. These pilots are fellow line pilots, training pilots and management pilots. If you were to ask 100 pilots…

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Flight Attendant Tales (Pt 1)

In the course of my time as a pilot, I have had the pleasure of knowing many fine Flight Attendants (FA’s). As a matter of fact, some of them are still my friends and we chat now and again. A 1Flight Attendant is a professional who is responsible for ensuring the safety, security, and comfort of passengers…

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Is “13” just a number?

..and my wife thinks I’m the crazy one?? I can’t make this stuff up!! As I may have mentioned in my last post, sometimes airline crews and employees occasionally have had a tendency to be somewhat superstitious. Not everyone mind you, but a number of us have scratched our brow wondering why something just happened…

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A Kiss for luck??

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all!” In the fall of 2016 I was on the last day of my rotation, and it was just a quick flight from Houston Hobby (KHOU) to Atlanta (KATL). There was nothing really special about that day as it was a beautiful afternoon, no storms to worry about…

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Red Rock Canyon Hike

On one particular layover in Las Vegas, Nevada, my co-captain and myself had some downtime to kill so we decided on a road trip! In those days, my employer didn’t have a lot for us to do when the aircraft was so far away from a base and the client wants to keep their options…

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A New Start!

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of fun creating blogs on my main website http://www.jmikewills.com. Lots of music, pictures and heartfelt memories put into one site. That will always be my main site, but I felt like intertwining flying into a Christian and Music website was a bit much so I decided to move…

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